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Blown In Insulation 
Cellulose | Fiberglass | Timber

Blown in insulation comes in may different types. Each has their own respective benefits and downfalls. We offer the three most popular options for retrofits, residential new construction and commercial applications. 

Blown Fiberglass.jpg

ECOFILL Blowing Wool

Loose Fill & Dense Pack Fiberglass

Blown in fiberglass is exactly what it sounds like, fiberglass that is blown into a space. Whether a wall cavity, attic floor, cathedral ceiling or between floors, it goes where traditional fiberglass batt cannot. Typically, only a 3" hole is needed to fill a wall or ceiling cavity full. ​

  • Made of 60% recycled glass

  • R value of 2.2-2.7 per inch

  • Formaldehyde Free


CleanFiber Cellulose

Loose Fill & Dense Pack Cellulose

Blown in cellulose has been around since the 50s, is used in attics, walls, cathedral ceilings for both sound and thermal control. It's made from recycled cardboard and treated with borates for fire retardancy making it a great and safe choice for retrofit and new construction insulation.

  • Made of 80% recycled paper products

  • R value of 3.2 - 3.7 per inch

  • Treated with borates for fire retardancy 

  • Great for sound deadening 


cellulose insulation_edited_edited.jpg

TimberFill Natural

Loose Fill & Dense Pack Wood Fiber

TimberFill Natural is loose fill insulation made of recycled softwoods leftover from the lumber production right here in the USA. It's as close to as natural as you can get which makes it safe for all of us. Very popular with those going for LEED, Passive House and other certifications for their project.

  • Made of 100% recycled soft wood

  • R value of 3.8 per inch

  • Treated with borates for fire retardancy 

  • Great for sound deadening 


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